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Prayers for Ukraine

Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine on 24th February a group of us at Clayton Brook Church made a commitment to pray for the situation. We wanted to do something but how could we help? Yes we could donate to the various agencies who are in the Ukraine providing humanitarian aid but what else could we do… God told us we could pray. So we started meeting every weekday morning for an hour 10 – 11 and are now in our 14th week of praying. Sometimes there are 2 people praying and sometime 9 and on a couple of occasions Tyson the dog has joined us! Peter and Frances Grieve have worked at Bible camps in the Ukraine through Scripture Union (Open Bible) and have friends there and in Russia. They are in touch with them so we’ve been able to pray for them, their families and for specific situations. We mainly pray through the Psalms, particularly Psalm 31 where verse 21 tells us ‘Praise to the Lord, for he showed me the wonders of his love when I was in a city under siege’. A Ukrainian pastor and his daughter wrote a song based on Psalm 91, ‘There is Only One Reason’ They recorded it against a backdrop of their beautiful country before the attacks and after the devastation. It’s very powerful so please take time to watch it via this link or on the church website. Here is an extract from the message that accompanied the song.

We have one country that we will defend. We have a dream that our country will continue to be free and will kneel only before the throne of God. We know this war is not only physical, but it’s also spiritual – it’s a battle between Heaven and Hell, Light and Darkness! We place our hope in God, we see Him as our Defender. He will help us ‘not fear the terror of the night’ (Ps 91:5). Please keep praying for God’s peace and courage in our hearts. Pray Psalm 91 with us! ‘ I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength’ (Philippians 4:13)

There have been many answers to prayer, Gregori, a SU pastor has been able to travel to churches in order to encourage and support them. Recently, this has become difficult due to fuel shortages. We prayed that Sofia and her family, who are known to Peter and Frances, would be granted visas to travel to the UK. Sofia arrived safely on 30th April. She is living with Peter and Frances and is now working full time. Her Mum, Sveta, and 2 younger sisters, Eva and Ruth, arrived on 10th May and are living with Brenda and Stuart. We have also been praying specifically for a lady called Vera who lives in St. Petersburg. She is a pastor for SU and is struggling to run her bible study sessions as the group are divided as to whether there is a war. She is feeling abandoned and depressed. Our coordinator group sent her a letter of encouragement, to let her know we are praying for her and her situation. As the weeks go buy we wonder why God hasn’t brought the war to an end but we know He is at work and that He has the victory.

Please come and join us, everybody is welcome. God wants to hear your prayers.

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