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The 360 Degrees of Prayer

A couple of weeks ago, as I was praying for the members of Clayton Brook Community Church, I began to wonder where people were, as we are not meeting in church at the present time.

It was very early morning, the sunrise coming through the window (east) I was led to focus on where I was, my house and my area.

Then, as I prayed along the A6 heading (west) my first ‘prayer ping’ was our neighbors S & BC . . . then KP in a care home along the A6, next J in Hennel House, Bamber Bridge, then MB in Clayton Brook, then traveling out to Preston AC resting in a temporary care home. Then back to Clayton Brook JC. Out again to Houghton finding R & JD + N. Back to Clayton Brook with P & K and the three children.

After praying for lots of members in Clayton Brook and other areas I moved southwards back towards the A 6 again. Then I shoot out to Chorley, Astley Village M & G , E, M & G . . . then back through to Whittle , Clayton le Woods, GB, AB, S & EL + E, then KB finishing in Leyland W & L + T.

This type of prayer, takes time, thought, where, who, keeps you focused. (I do wander when I pray.) So, think of who you could pray for: work colleagues, family (which could take you around the world as well), people who you met socially , danced with, worked out with, school friends, etc. You could pray for other churches around the area, the hospitals, care homes.

Give it a try. People to whom I have mentioned this to have really valued it . . . the 360 degrees of prayer.

In Christ

Les and Diane

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