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Philip's Uganda Blog - Friday

Well this is it. Just arrived at Entebbe International airport and waiting for our overnight flight to leave in two hours time.

The main event this morning was the graduation ceremony. Before that we had one last sermon from Acts 20, which was very helpful. It was a reminder that we cannot do any worthwhile ministry on our own, but must rely completely on the grace of God. Then we had a fascinating account of the life and ministry of Festo Kivengere, the Bishop who had to flee from Idi Amin after the murder of Archbishop Janani Luwum. It’s a great story but no space here to tell it.

The ceremony itself was conducted with characteristic Ugandan pomp and circumstance. We congratulated the pastors, gave them a certificate for attendance, and a free book, with many speeches and much applause. Actually, it was a lovely occasion. The photo shows me with my small group for the week.

It’s been a wonderful time with a great sense of all being brothers and sisters and fellow partners from across the world together. As one of a number said, a small taste of heaven. It has also been wonderful how the Bible passages and teaching have all meshed together into a common theme. Evidence of God’s good providence again.

God willing I will see many of you on Sunday morning. Thank you again for your support and prayers. Till we meet again God keep us all.

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