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Philip's Uganda Blog - Wednesday

The pattern of meeting and ministry today was pretty identical to yesterday, so not much of note to report there, except that it seemed to go well and was encouraging.

So I thought I would write about food.

Breakfast we have up at Chris and Ros’s house, and that is cereal, banana toast et cetera. Then, at mid-morning coffee break, we have some rather good deep-fried things that are a bit like a cross between bread and doughnut. They are served with very milky coffee. (Not quite up to the standard I’m used to at home, I’m afraid.)

For lunch we have various forms of starch (extremely heavy) which you can see in the photos, served with a bit of meat stew (extremely tough) or rather good fish stew. I have sent a photo of the moderate quantity on my plate and the typical mountainous quantity on a plate of one of the guys here. Most of them are thin men and I simply do not know where they put it.

We normally have supper either with Chris and Ros or with Henry, the principal here, and his wife Christine. Tonight, instead, we were sent out to buy a local food called Rolex. And I am not joking. It consists of a sort of omelette rolled up in a chapati, with or without onion, tomato et cetera. Have you worked out why it is called a Rolex? Rolled eggs, of course. Very filling and very good, as were the chips served from the side of the road. I hope you can see some of that in the photos. I was also thrilled to drink a Stoney again, which is a brilliant East African quite strong ginger beer. I must stow some away in my luggage.

The other noteworthy feature of today was an almighty thunderstorm. I have quite a fun video of that. All you can do when that happens is wait and start again when it finishes.

Thank you for bothering to read this, and thank you for your prayerful support.

Much love


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