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Philip's Uganda Blog - Monday

The college alumni started arriving this evening and the conference proper begins tomorrow morning.

We started the day with a team meeting. I will try to get a photo of the full team tomorrow if possible. A doctor called Paul, who is a missionary in the north of the country, arrived to join us. All 6 foot six of him! He trained with Andy Meeson and knows him very well, so that was a nice point of contact.

In the afternoon we visited the museum on the site, which has life-sized and very gory depictions of the martyrdoms of the teenage pageboys in 1886. It is a quite remarkable story, and many people apply to Uganda the saying that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.

I am including a photograph of Chris and Ros Howells, the Crosslinks couple, with their three children Joshua, Daniel and Chloe. They are a quite wonderful family and I don’t think I’ve ever met three such delightful children. They are totally at home here in Uganda and it is lovely to see how beautifully they fit in with all the people and the culture here.

There are about 100 Reverends arriving, of whom about 10 women. Some graduated very recently some quite a few years ago. About 50 have arrived and we have registered them and we will register the rest tomorrow morning, God willing. This evening we had introductions . All quite formal but humorous and very good-natured too.

And that’s it for today. Hope to send more news tomorrow.

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