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Philip's Uganda Blog - Sunday

Sunday today, which meant church. Four of our number travelled to different churches across the city. One of these was two 2-hour long services, with the same hour-long sermon at both. I drew the long straw, with one other of our group , and we went to church here. That meant an hour longer in bed and just one service, which suited me nicely.

We stayed for half the service and then joined our hosts Chris and Ros with the Sunday school for 400 children. A bit different from back home. They are an amazing family, and I’d love to tell you more about them and their ministry when I get home.

We had a quiet afternoon and then Chris took us on a tour of the college which, like everything else here, was really interesting. There is even a memorial sculpture at the place where the executioners of the Christian boys in 1886 washed the torture instruments. On Martyrs day every June it attracts massive crowds of visitors. Again, more of that when I get home (assuming you want to listen!)

We were given supper this evening by the principle of the college, Henry and his wife Christine. We were all amused that they fed us Western food while yesterday Chris and Ros fed us Ugandan food. I have to say that both were excellent.

The weather has been lovely. Although we are only about 25 miles from the equator, Kampala is at an altitude of 4000 feet, so the weather is like a good hot English summer day. Quite a bit of cloud cover too, so it is all quite bearable and pleasant, thank God.

I hope the photos I send makes sense and fit the text that I’m typing!

Much love to you all


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