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Philip's Kenya Blog - Saturday (Last Day)

Just a few words about the last day in Kenya before I embarked on the all night journey home.

It was lovely to get up a little later on Saturday, with nothing to prepare. We left the Mission to Seamen at about 10, with Moses’s whole family, so 7 of us in the car. (Very good car.) We took the ferry from Mombasa Island to the mainland and drove a few miles to a place called Ukunda. You can find it easily on google maps. We visited Christmas and his family in his vicarage and church. Just two weeks ago, on Sunday 3rd, the two armed guards at the gate of the compound were shot dead with their own weapons - possibly terrorism, more likely gangsters wanting the weapons. The service was in full flow. We saw the bullet marks in the wall of the Sunday School hall; the children were just the other side, two or three feet away. People climbed over the glass-topped wall in the panic. One broken leg, lots of cuts, but no serious injuries, thank God. Brought world church close to home for us. Nearly every church of any size has armed guards now. Christmas is a great pastor and we hope he might visit Blackburn next year. Seeing how long it took to get there (getting anywhere always takes a long time) was humbling when I realised that he had made that journey every day to get to the conference.

He and Moses drove us down to Diani Beach, where we were joined by another vicar and his family (what a place to have a church!) and we swam and played in the Indian Ocean. Simply perfect. Azure and turquoise clear water, white sand, warm and beautiful. I’m not really a beach person (give me a mountain, any day) but even grumpy Eyeore managed to love it.

Then back to Christmas and Florence for - yes, lunch - and we left about 3 to drive back, pack and leave.

A week before going I was wishing I hadn’t agreed to go. When I left, I told Jonathan that I’d love to go again if he needs me. A wonderful time, for which I thank God so much.

With much love, over and out (for now !)


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