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Philip's Kenya Blog - Tuesday

I’m told this is becoming a blog. I believe that counts as promotion.

Thanks again for lovely messages and news - really nice to feel in touch from 4000 miles away. So great to know you’re praying for me. It’s wonderful to feel well supported. Today another really positive and encouraging day.

Timetable today: up early to prepare; breakfast at 8; walk to the centre for 9 and opening devotions with an excellent short exposition on Romans 12:1-2 from a local vicar and wonderful singing of ‘Just as I am’; teach and preach with a 30 min break from about 9.30 to 1; lunch; 2.15 to 3.30ish a rather grim talk on ‘Anglicanism’ from another Mzungu in Mombasa; then our host takes us to visit Fort Jesus, one of M’s main tourist attractions; then a cup of tea with the Provost of the cathedral (a good man, who is coming to the convention each day); then back for another meal at about 8pm - just the right time for laying it down as fat during the night - after this blog!

So a lovely time here, but the photo below, of one of our lunches, is to explain why it is that I’ve got to that stage I always get to in Africa, where I’m longing for a home-made brown bread and cheese simple lunch. Or just a bowl of soup.

Today we looked at how you try to ascertain a Bible-author’s purpose in writing a book or a particular passage within a book and then let that purpose guide your own purpose in preaching. We had a mix of input from me, whole-groups discussion and small groups work. Then a sermon as an example, with feedback. It was brilliant to see people really engaging and relating it so well to their own Kenyan context. They are very interesting and humble too regarding the challenges and weaknesses facing the Kenyan church today. Nothing compared to ours, I tell them.

Our hosts, Moses and Winnie, are delightful. Moses takes us everywhere we need to go. I have a nice bedroom with a good secure mosquito net, shower etc. It’s a lovely house. Jonathan (the Blackburn vicar) is irrepressible and great company. I asked Lynda if he ever flags (I think he’s 67) and she said he doesn’t know what the word means. We must get him over to Whittle/Clayton.

Similar pattern tomorrow, and in the afternoon we’re going to visit the docks and the ships. I love it, but it does mean we don’t really get ‘down’ time, or prep time. I haven’t even got into the pool yet.

The sessions are quite solid and packed, so you could pray that I don’t flag (I’m not like Jonathan!) and that the group doesn’t get tired or too saturated.

It’s now night time, and I only get wifi when we’re in the centre during the day, so this will always come about half a day late.

Sorry to hear about the weather back home!

With my love in Jesus


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