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Philip's Kenya Blog - Monday

Just a short one today - don’t want you getting bored.

Thanks for messages received. So encouraging, thank you for loving and praying for me, and glad Sunday was good at home.

My Bible reading this morning was Isaiah 44. It really is a stunning piece of writing.

Teaching started today. Timing and attendance were remarkably good by African standards. By the end of lunch we were running only one hour late. Very few wandered away during the sessions. I told them it was Kenya one Uganda nil! The venue is good. Too much food - the 5:2 diet clearly won’t work here. I have somewhat less teaching time than I expected, but I’ll just go with the flow and we’ll do what we can. It is a good group - about 40-50 men and women - on the ball, and I think they were with me today. We looked at some of the ‘why’ and some of the ‘how’ of preaching, and then I preached a sermon from Mark 1 and afterwards tried to explain a bit of how and why I did it that way. They seem attentive and appreciative. Do pray that they will make the hard work of preaching a priority for their ministries. Later in the afternoon our host took us to see a bit more of Mombasa, including a stop by the shores of the impressive Indian Ocean where we had fresh coconut milk and crisps made from cassava.

Tomorrow’s programme will be very similar. May not be much of interest to report. I’ll see if the wifi can cope with a photo or two.

Much love to you all

Philip Philip Venables Vicar, St John’s Whittle-le-Woods & Clayton Brook Community Church

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